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  • Banana Chocolate Chip Layer Cake

    Layers of moist banana cake made with fresh bananas (no imitation flavors) and speckled with semi-sweet chocolate chips throughout. Covered with chocolate cream cheese buttercream, topped with miniature chocolate chips, and sweetened banana chips. Also available gluten-free.

    ** 48-hour notice required. The prices listed are a base price and some customizations can be made for an additional charge. Contact me for an estimate.

  • Chocolate Covered Strawberry Layer Cake

    Three layers of moist dark chocolate cake with strawberry buttercream between each layer and covered with chocolate buttercream. Pink strawberry buttercream swirls, chocolate ganache drip, and chocolate-covered strawberries top this cake. {Available Gluten-Free}.

    ** 48-hour notice required.

  • Chocolate Raspberry Layer Cake

    Chocolate Raspberry Layer Cake

    Three layers of moist chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream, raspberry filling and chocolate ganache between each layer. Pink raspberry buttercream swirls top this cake with mini chocolate chips surrounding the outside.

    **48 hour notice required.