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  • Chocolate & Peanut Butter Buck Eye Candy

    Creamy peanut butter center truffles dipped in semi-sweet chocolate. Sold by the dozen.

    **48-hour notice required.

  • Mini Chocolate Chip Cookie Parfait

    Mini Chocolate Chip Cookie Parfaits

    Layers of homemade chocolate pudding, crumbled chocolate chip cookies and whipped cream in a disposable cup topped with a mini chocolate chip cookie. Available by the dozen. **48 hours notice required.

  • cookies & cream truffle

    Cookies & Cream Truffles

    Creamy cookies and cream center truffles, dipped in semi-sweet chocolate, garnished with cookie crumbs on top. Sold by the dozen. {Also available gluten free}

    **48-hour notice required.

  • Cookie Monster Cupcakes

    Cookie Monster Cupcake

    Moist chocolate cake, topped with a marshmallow buttercream colored blue with edible eyes and a mini chocolate chip cookie.

    **48 hour notice required